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Not Painting Himself In A Very Good Light

, , , | Right | CREDIT: sdrleckie | September 23, 2021

This happened about seven years ago. I used to work for a retail pharmacy as a pharmacy tech, so I wore slacks and blouses. Next door to my work was a large craft store chain. I am very artsy-craftsy, so when I had extra time before work, I liked to wander the craft store.

One day, I was busy looking at some paints when a guy came up to me and asked where a craft supply was. I was not wearing the uniform or even the color scheme of the uniform of the store.

Me: *Politely* “I don’t work here, and I don’t know.”

It wasn’t within my field of crafting so I had no idea.

He walked back down the aisle and then turned around sharply and pointed a finger at me aggressively.

Customer: “You don’t have to be so rude!”

I smiled at him and responded with a sugary-sweet voice.

Me: “You don’t have to be so stupid!”

That shut him up real quick and he walked away. Victory is sweet.