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Munchkin On Steroids

, , , | Learning | July 20, 2019

(My husband is a very large, hatchet-faced retired Marine with huge hands and feet. He teaches at a small K-8 rural school. He is a kind and funny man but rather formal with people he doesn’t know, and he can be a little intimidating, especially as it’s common knowledge among the staff and parents that he’s a combat veteran. One day he is standing in the cafeteria with another teacher and the superintendent of schools, waiting on the children to come back inside from an activity.)

Other Teacher: “Did you see that [Small Girl] brought a treat for the rest of her class?”

Superintendent: “What did she bring?”

Other Teacher: “Lollipops!”

(As if on signal, my husband begins to sing and dance the Lollipop Guild song from “The Wizard Of Oz” movie. He finishes just before the kids hit the door.)

Husband: “And in the name of the Lollipop guild… we’d like to welcome you to Munchkin Land!”

(He then snaps back into his normal unsmiling, stern mode as the students stream past.)

Superintendent: “That… was the most incredible thing I’ve seen this year.”

Other Teacher: “Yes, but you know that nobody is going to believe us!”

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