Looking Totally Bioshocked

, , , | Hopeless | June 22, 2016

(I go to Comic Con in cosplay, dressed as a Little Sister from the game Bioshock. My costume is a ripped and discoloured purple dress which I bought from an op shop, and makeup to make my face look a weird grayish colour. I’ve taken off the makeup but my face still looks quite off-colour. I am on my way home at about 6:30 pm (the convention ended at 6 pm) when a guy about my age (I’m 15) comes up to me and sits across from me.)

Him: *looking worried at my dress* “Um… are you okay? You look a little distressed?”

Me: *extremely confused* “Yes… err, thanks for asking, but could I ask why?”

Him: “Well, it’s getting darker now, and you’re on a train, you look like you’re s***-scared of something, and your dress is in shambles. I actually thought you might’ve been attacked by someone.”

Me: *laughing a bit* “Nah, I’m fine. It’s just cosplay; I went to Comic Con.”

Him: “Ooooh! Okay, I just wanted to make sure.” *the train’s automated system announces the next station* “I’ve got to go. Get home safely!”

(Even though i was fine, it was nice to see that someone saw a girl who looked like she’d been through something bad (even though I hadn’t) and just made an effort to make sure that they were okay.)

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