It’s Curtains For Your Career As A Traitor

, , | Right | August 12, 2020

I work in a craft and fabric store but often shop at our competitor because they have a better range than we do. I have also worked with them in the past so I do know quite a bit about their stock.

I am waiting to have fabric cut because the only staff member is trying to serve a woman who keeps shooting questions at her and then not listening to the answers before asking the same things over and over again. An elderly man has joined me in waiting.

Man: “Oh, that poor girl, having to put up with that. I hope she’s not going to be too long; I don’t have much time.”

Me: “I’ve already been waiting for ten minutes; the woman won’t let her go.”

Man: “Oh, I was just wanting to ask about curtains. I’m going to have to leave as I don’t have much time.”

Me: “I can probably help you; what is it you were after?”

He tells me he doesn’t know the name but tries to explain what he needs and the sizes, apologising that he’s not explaining himself well.

Me: “I think I know what you are after. I’ll show you”

I take him to the area and explain about sizing; he chooses some packaged curtains.  

Man: “Oh, thank you very much, but she’s still not finished with that lady. I can’t wait to be served.”

Me: “There’s another counter at the front of the store and they can serve you there.”

He thanks me again before leaving. A few minutes later, the staff member comes back to the counter.

Staff Member: “I saw what you did for that man. Thank you. You should get a job here; you really know what you’re talking about.”

Me: “Ah, thanks, but I actually work for [Competitor].”

Staff Member: *Deadpan* “Traitor.” 

Me: *Grins* “Yeah, but I used to work here.”

Staff Member: “Double traitor.”

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