It Pays To Come Out These Days

| Related | May 29, 2017

Me: “Mum, I’m gay.”

Mum: “Oh, god. No, I didn’t hear that. You haven’t just come out to me.”

Me: “But, I just did. Mum, I’m gay!”

Mum: “NO, I’m not listening.”

Me: *now hurt and crying* “But, I thought you would accept it! [Uncle] is gay and you’re fine with it.”

Mum: “Oh, [My Name]. Could you maybe come out in like three weeks, maybe a month? I’ll split it with you.”

Me: “What?”

Mum: “Your grandmother and I have a bet that you wouldn’t come out until you started at university. If you keep quiet I’ll split the £100 with you.”

(Guess who got £50.)

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