Grandma Is Hooked

| Related | May 29, 2017

(My grandmother is gushing at a recent family event about how much she loves my liquid lipstick, so she asks me to help her find some before she goes on a cruise with my grandfather for their anniversary. I send her over some pictures of products to take to the local drug store so she’ll know what to look for. A few days later I get this call:)

Me: “Hey, Nanny.”

Grandmother: “Oh, hello! I just wanted to call to tell you, thank you so much for the pictures! They really helped and I got exactly what I wanted!”

Me: “No problem! So glad they were able to help.”

Grandmother: “Hopefully this will help me to get picked up on the street!”

Me: “…what?”

(The only conclusion my mother (whom I called immediately after) and I were able to come up with was that must have meant something different while she was growing up. Either that or she misspoke. Regardless, I’m starting to see my grandmother in a whole new light.)

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