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If The World Revolves Around Him, So Do The Directions

, , , | Right | September 10, 2021

I work as a librarian in a public library on the outskirts of a Swedish city; let’s call it Westside Library. In Sweden, we have a huge online directory called the Swedish word for “find.” A man in his sixties approaches me at the reference desk looking very upset.

Patron: “Your library is not in ‘Find’; you need to fix that.”

Me: “Are you sure? Let me have a look.”

I go to “Find”, type “Westside Library” in the search bar and, sure enough, we are there to find. I turn my computer screen toward him and point it out.

Patron: “That’s not your name!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that is most definitely our name.”

Patron: “No, it is not! When I typed ‘Southside Library,’ you were not in ‘Find’!”

Me: “Sir, we have never been called anything other than ‘Westside Library’ since we opened in the mid-1970s. Just because we changed our location six years ago, that doesn’t mean we also changed our name.”

Patron: “Well, you should be called ‘Southside Library’ and you should be in ‘Find’!” *Storms out.*

Sure, we shall rename our name for the past forty-five years on your say-so, mister.