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If That’s As Nice As You Can Go…

, , , | Right | April 4, 2021

I work in a coffee shop on the till. I can hear a commotion behind me, so I turn around.

A lady bought a bunch of food and was planning on paying with her gift card she got but my coworker swiped it and it said that it was inactive. 

Customer: “I got it as a gift a few days ago; I even have the receipt.”

She shows us the receipt and it’s the debit card receipt for something completely different. She starts freaking out. We’re all being super nice trying to figure it out but she isn’t having it. 

My supervisor comes along to try and diffuse the situation, and she says to call the number on the back of the gift card. 

This doesn’t fly with her, so she throws it at my supervisor.

Supervisor: “I’m trying to help you; I’m being as nice as I can.”

Customer: “SO AM I!”

She tossed 20$ at my supervisor, who was being super nice to her and trying to get her stuff together. The customer was still shouting and being rude as she took her food and stormed out.

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