How Do You Like Them Apples

| Working | May 29, 2012

(I’ve just been hired to work at a candy store.)

Me: “I’m really excited to learn how to make candy apples!”

Owner: “I’m sorry, but that’s not part of your job. Only Mario does them.”

Me: “Can he teach me? You know, in case we run out and customers want them, or—”

Owner: “No. Only Mario does the candy apples!”

(A few weeks later, our shelves are running low on shelved candy and we have three crates of unused apples. Mario isn’t scheduled to come in for a few days, and people are asking about the candy apples. I am the only person in the store, so I decide to make some myself using the instructions on the bag. The owner comes in.)

Owner: *confused* “These are nice candy apples! But Mario wasn’t supposed to be in today.”

Me: “Uh…I made them. We had a lot of apples and hardly any candy, so I thought—”

Owner: “Why haven’t you done these before?! You should make them all the time!”

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