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Here We Pokémon Go Again, Part 31

| Working | October 9, 2016

(I’m in a care agency office to apply for a job, and start up ‘Pokémon Go’ while I’m waiting. The sound is on when I first turn it on, before I quickly reduce the volume, embarrassed. I see the admin’s eyes slide over to me then back to the screen. Eventually, I’m called over by him.)

Admin: “Name?”

Me: “[My Name].”

Admin: “Address?”

Me: “[My address].”

(We go through various questions to fill out the form, my date of birth, gender, ethnicity, etc, until this:)

Admin: “Now, are you part of Team Valor or one of the other two inferior teams?”

(Team Valor is the red team on ‘Pokémon Go.’ I’m part of the blue team.)

Me: “Uh… Team Mystic.”

(The admin tuts.)

Admin: “And what level are you?

Me: “13…”

Admin: “Well, you’ll be walking around a lot in this job, so you’ll have plenty of time to get good.”

(At this point a manager sticks his head out of his office.)

Manager: “[Admin]! Stop hassling people about Pokémon Go!”

Admin: “But they’re on your stupid team! And they’re low level! They’ll never be the very best…”

Manager: “[Admin]…”

Admin: *slightly quieter* “Like no one ever was…”

(I think I’ll like working there!)


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