Hasn’t Got The Heart To Know The Difference

, , , | Healthy | January 29, 2018

Paramedic #1: “Do you have any preexisting healthcare conditions?”

Patient: “No.”

Paramedic #1: “Ever been to hospital?”

Patient: “Nope!”

Paramedic #1: “Do you take any medications?”

Patient: “No.”

(After diagnosing a heart attack and commencing treatment, the patient starts feeling better. He chats with the second paramedic on the way to hospital.)

Patient: “Hang on, I have had one thing…”

Paramedic #2: “Yes?”

Patient: “It was, uh…”

Paramedic #2: “Yes?”

Patient: “A what-do-you-call-it… A cardiac arrest! Had one of those before.”

(And that’s why health care staff ask so many stupid and repetitive questions!)

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