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Happy She’s Not The Jealous Type

| Romantic | June 22, 2015

(When my brother-in-law joins a fraternity, some of his frat-brothers organize a trip to a strip club. They take a limo there for the full experience, but are relying on friends to drive them home after. Only two of them, my future brother-in-law and another, have girlfriends at the time.)

Frat Boy #1: “Okay, just so everyone knows, I told my girlfriend we’re going to [Other Bar]. Everyone remember that if you happen to run into her.”

Frat Boy #2: “Got it. What about you, [Brother-In-Law]?”

Brother-In-Law: “What about me what?”

Frat Boy #2: “What did you tell your girlfriend? We need to get our stories straight.”

Brother-In-Law: *looks at them blankly for a moment* “Umm, you do remember that she’s one of our designated drivers, don’t you?”