Grabbing This Bull By The Horns

| Learning | February 17, 2014

(During break time, the discussion is about airplanes.)

Classmate #1: “You know what I wonder? If airplanes have horns, like a car has. For in case someone gets in the way on the runway or something…”

Classmate #2: “I don’t think they need one. If a plane comes near you, you will hear that without them having to blow a horn. Trust me.”

Classmate #1: “Yeah, but still I wonder… Oh, wait.”

(She takes out her cellphone and I hear her make the following call:)

Classmate #1: “Hello. This is [Name] speaking. I maybe have a weird question but… do airplanes have horns, like a car has? Huh… oh.. You don’t know? Well… Okay, then. Thanks. Bye!”

Me: “Who did you just call?”

Classmate #1: “I called [well-known airline company] but the woman I was speaking with doesn’t know.”

Me: “Wait… did you REALLY just call [Airline] for that? What the…?”

Classmate #2: “Oh, hey. I googled it. This pilot says on a forum that they DO have horns, in case they need attention from the ground personnel.”

(Classmate #1 starts cheering and pumps her fists in the air.)

Classmate #1: “I knew it! I knew they have to have horns! I spend three years wondering if they do, and finally, the answer is there!”

Me: “You wondered this for three years?! Okay, you need a hobby!”

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