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No Longer Loving It

| Learning | February 16, 2014

(I work every Thursday at my son’s middle school store. We sell school supplies and trinkets. Every week an elderly teacher will stick his head in.)

Teacher: “I’d like to order a Big Mac and fries!”

(He does it every week for months like it was a novelty each time and we would politely laugh like it was a fresh joke. One day we realize that my coworker has bought her son some McDonald’s food, so she empties out the fries container and hands it to me. The teacher comes up again.)

Teacher: “I’d like to order a Big Mac and fries!”

Me: “Sure!” *hands him the container*

Teacher: *laughs* “I’ve been caught out in my own joke!”

(The teacher hasn’t made eye contact since, which kind of makes me feel kind of bad.)

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