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Having A Senior Moment

| Learning | February 18, 2014

(I attended several different high schools. My senior year, I received a copy of my class schedule but noticed it was marked that I was a sophomore. Concerned, I scheduled an appointment for a review.)

Secretary: “Yes, that’s correct. You’re listed as a sophomore.”

Me: “But I’m a senior.”

Secretary: “We requested your records from your old school multiple times and they never sent them so we can’t credit you for those classes. You’ll have to take them over.”

Me: “You’re saying I have to take two additional years of high school because someone messed up and didn’t send you my records?”

Secretary: *looking smug* “It appears that way.”

(She picks up a folder and something falls out onto her lap. She glances down and gets a strange look on her face.)

Secretary: “Oh… These are your records from your old school. Seems we did get them and just misplaced them.”

(The records were still incomplete: I had to take extra classes that year just to earn enough credits to graduate on time. It still bothers me that the school was willing to make me repeat two grades rather than make sure they had the transfer information. And in my senior yearbook, I’m listed with the sophomores.)