Free To Complain

, , | Right | July 13, 2018

(I’m working with a company that sells foods. We are at a convention, and every other company is setting up their booth, trying to get people interested in their product. As the day goes by, most people are polite in saying, “No,” except for this one guy.)

Me: “Hi, would you like to sign up to get free food?”

Guy: *angry face* “Why?!”

Me: “Because… it’s free food? Free food?”

Guy: “Would you do it?!”

Me: “Yeah? It’s free?”

Guy: “You’re a d*** fool, then!” *swaggers off*

Me: “…”

Coworker: “Wow. I’ve never seen someone turn down something free! A**hole.”

(I guess it happens. But he didn’t have to get an attitude about it. Maybe he thought we were going to seek his info, but we wouldn’t.)

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