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Fool Metal Alchemist

| Related | May 16, 2013

(I have just gotten into anime and manga.)

Me: “I’ve been reading manga, dad. It’s really interesting.”

Dad: “Isn’t that for people who can’t read that well?”

Me: “Actually, you have to be able to read pretty well to follow it.”

(He has the assumption that all manga is about ‘demons and ritual sacrifice’. I’m trying to describe the manga I’ve been reading.)

Me: “So, it’s about two brothers—”

Dad: “Ah ha! And I’ll bet one sacrifices the other!”

Me: “—and they’re trying to bring back their mother through alchemy—”

Dad: “Ah ha! Alchemy! And one sacrifices the other for the mother?”

Me: “No, dad. Anyway, it goes wrong, and one loses his leg while the other loses his body—”

Dad: “See? Sacrifice!”

Me: “—so the remaining brother sacrifices his arm to attach his brother’s soul to some armor—”

Dad: “See? Sacrifice and alchemy!”

(I stop trying to explain.)

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