Exterminate! Any Chances Of A Bad Birthday

, , | Hopeless | August 3, 2016

(It’s a Saturday noon and a day before my birthday. While running some errands I stop by my favourite café where I’m a regular. The owner is very friendly and pleasant and often stops to chat with me when it’s quiet. It’s worth noting are both huge geeks and big fans of ‘Doctor Who.’ The place is also known for doing 3D printing.)

Owner: “So, you’re by yourself today or are you waiting for someone?”

Me: *while drinking a hot chocolate* “Just me today. Thought I’d stop by for an early birthday hot chocolate, since you’re closed tomorrow.”

Owner: “It’s your birthday?”

Me: “Tomorrow, yeah.”

(He’s quiet for a second, then walks to one of the racks where he displays the 3D prints that are for sale. He comes back with two dalek key chains.)

Owner: “You want the grey one or the orange one?”

(I chose the orange one, gave him thousands of thanks, and kept smiling throughout the day. Best. Café. Ever!)

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