Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

, , , , | Hopeless | August 2, 2016

(I walk into the airport at 4:00 am to check my bag and get through security. I am very bleary-eyed because the hotel I’d stayed at the night before hadn’t brought up a crib for my toddler until past 10:00 pm, three hours after I checked in. When I reach the baggage counter, I hand my ticket to the agent and don’t expect much further conversation.)

Agent: “I see you’re traveling to Detroit today on a multi-stop route. Were you aware that we have a nonstop flight?”

Me: *now more awake* “No, I didn’t see that when I booked my ticket. Is there still a spot on the flight?”

Agent: “There’s plenty of room! I’ll transfer your ticket now, if that’s okay.”

(After thanking her several times, my toddler and I make our slow progress through security. When we reach the gate before take-off, the same agent from before is standing at the counter.)

Agent: “Good morning! I just noticed that your car-seat is airline-approved. Would you like to take your child on in her seat today? The two of you have an aisle all to yourself.”

(She made the flight immeasurably better for me and my fellow travelers. I ended up at my destination six hours earlier than scheduled and my toddler napped through the entire flight. I made sure to leave glowing comments about her in my feedback!)

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