Engineered To The Letter

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(I have four cousins and an older brother. As always, my grandmother has written a Christmas letter letting everyone know what the family has done. Even though I know everything already, I’m reading through the letter.)

Grandma’s letter: “Josh has completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering. He and his wife Robin are happy to announce that they are having a child. Chantel is going for her Master’s in Chemical Engineering. She is engaged to her boyfriend of four years, Matthew. DJ is continuing his work in Civil Engineering. He and his wife Sara have just bought their first house. Jason is getting his degree in Architectural engineering. He also owns three stores and a few houses that he rents out. And Ben is in his second year of school for Ocean Engineering. He lives in Rhode Island while at school and is still dating his girlfriend Lindsey. Stephanie is studying teaching.”

(That was the end of the letter. I, Stephanie, call Grandma.)

Me: “Hi grandma, I am calling to ask why the Christmas letter ended like that?”

Grandma: “Well, it’s not like you are doing anything important.”

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