En-Trenched In Stereotypes

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(For the record, my dad and I have a great relationship. He raised me on his own and was pretty strict when I was growing up, but became more lenient over the years. If I didn’t understand why he had a rule for something, I was free to question it and he would consider what I had to say. Sometimes he wouldn’t change his mind, but other times he would. This happens when I am fourteen and have recently started developing a new fashion style.)

Me: “Hey, Dad, can I get a trench coat for Christmas? [Friend] wore hers today. It was awesome!”

Dad: *distracted while on the computer* “No.”

Me: “Why not?”

Dad: “Trench coats aren’t for women.”

Me: *rolling eyes* “Then why do they make them for women?”

Dad: *still distracted* “Only lesbians wear trench coats.”

Me: “Dad… that’s not a good enough reason to tell me ‘no.’ Trench coats aren’t revealing like spaghetti straps or tube tops. I don’t think I shouldn’t be able to wear something just because you believe it was meant for lesbians.”

Dad: *stops for a moment* “I’ll think about it.”

(Sixteen years later, I still have the trench coat. Also, before anyone gets hyped up about my dad being homophobic or anything, he is very much NOT. Half his friends growing up were gay or bisexual, and he’s often told me he didn’t care if I became a lesbian. He just wanted grandchildren, is all.)


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