Don’t Know Sandwich Way This Will Go

, , , | Right | August 12, 2019

(The franchise owners I work for recently bought another location from a fellow owner, and the store was shut down for about a month while we cleaned out the new place. I was transferred to the new store and promoted to shift manager. This is my third day in this new position. A customer ordered food ten minutes ago, and has come back to the counter.)

Me: “Yes, ma’am, what can I do for you?”

Customer: “I just had the [food item]? You need to tell whoever made my order—”

Me: *internally freaking out that I have to deal with my first complaint*

Customer: “—that they need to go over to [Nearby Franchise Store still owned by aforementioned owner], and teach them how to make a sandwich!”

Me: “Well, thank you! I appreciate it.”

Customer: “You made my order? Best sandwich I’ve had at a [Store].”

(My bosses were thrilled to hear that we were doing a better job than the previous staff.)

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