Discounted Your Looks As An Employee

, , , | Working | CREDIT: Doombringer1331 | October 28, 2020

I have just had an awful exam, so I go to a fast food place to cheer myself up. When I go up to order, the manager is running the cash register. He greets me, mentioning:

Manager: “You look like one of my employees.”

Or at least that is what I heard through my earbuds. I order the Swiss mushroom burger, and when he is ringing me up, I see that he has applied an employee discount for my order.

Turns out, he actually thought I was one of his employees – though to be fair, I am wearing a face mask, glasses, a cap, and am Korean. I reflexively stop him:

Me: “I don’t work here!”

He mutters about mistaking me as someone else and takes the discount off the order. Even though I don’t get the employee discount (which was 50% off the order) it does brighten my day after that awful exam I had.

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