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Did Not Keep Account Of Her Account

, , , | Right | April 23, 2020

I am working on closing duties for the bank when a couple walks in at 4:59 pm; we close at five.

Wife: “I am having issues logging into my online banking.”

I am relieved, because we can’t help them at the branch with login issues.

Me: “Oh, sure, we are just closing up and unfortunately, we are not able to assist with login resets, but I have a card right here for the number you can call.”

Wife: “Also, I got this letter in the mail from you guys…”

She pulls it out and I realize that it is a notice of her account being closed due to inactivity. It is dated for three months ago and gives clear instructions for how to either reopen the account within thirty days of the letter date or to get her remaining balance out. I explain this to her.

Wife: “Can I reopen it now?”

Me: “Unfortunately, it looks like the thirty days have passed. To get your money out, you need to follow the instructions listed clearly in the letter, and if you would like to open a new account, we can schedule a time for you guys to come back.”

Wife: “Well, can you check for me?”

Aside from the fact that we are now officially closed, I agree to bring them into an office to see when the account was actually closed. I explain that when an account is closed we are unable to see many details but a few are listed.

Me: “It looks like they officially closed the account thirty days after you got the letter. I see that the last time you used the account was [over two years ago]; does that sound right?”

Wife: “Yeah.”

Me: “And the last time you deposited money was [over five years ago]?”

Wife: “Yeah, probably. How much did I deposit?”

Me: “Unfortunately, with the account being closed, I can’t see that, and even if it was open, I can only access eighteen months back from my computer.”

She just gives me a blank stare.

Wife: “So, how much did I deposit?”

Me: “Again, I am not able to see because the account is closed and it was too long ago.”

The husband finally chimes in.

Husband: “Well, how come they didn’t warn us they were closing her account?”

I just stare at him and hand him the letter.

Husband: “Oh…”

Wife: “So, what do I do to get the money?”

I just facepalmed.

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