Delivery Driving Up The Price

, , , | Working | May 14, 2018

(I am helping a customer load an item into his car. As we’re doing so, one of our delivery drivers parks next to the customer. After attempting every way we can think of, we give up on trying to load the item, as it is too long. I begin discussing delivery options with him.)

Me: “There will be a [standard delivery price] fee, payable on delivery.”

(As I am confirming the details with the customer, the delivery driver walks over and points to the item.)

Driver: “It’s all packaging up to here, so if you cut the end off, you can make it fit.”

Me: “You’re welcome to unbox it, but we can’t take it back if it doesn’t fit after that.”

Customer: “Have you got a knife I can use?”

(I give the customer my knife, and he cuts open the end of the box and cuts away the foam packaging. The item still won’t fit in his car.)

Driver: “I’ll deliver for you right now for [price higher than standard delivery].”

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