Cutting Off Your Employees Cuts Both Ways

, | Working | March 1, 2013

(I tend to be very accident prone. One very early morning, I’m working the front of the store by myself when I hurt myself and get a nasty gash in my hand.)

Me: “[Manager]! Get up here right now!”

(As I pack paper towels around the cut, my manager stomps up to me looking pissed.)

Manager: “What are you screaming at me for? I’m your boss! You can’t talk to me in that tone!”

Me: “But I—”

Manager: “No! I don’t want to hear any of your excuses! Don’t even bother apologizing. I’m writing you up right now.”

(He stomps back to the office and slams the office door behind him, leaving me standing there in shock. Fortunately, my only coworker finds the first aid kit and fixes me up. My manager eventually comes back out of his office, still angry.)

Manager: “I just finished writing you up. [Store Manager] is coming in this morning so she’ll get to hear all about your behavior problem.”

Me: “Okay. I’m sure she’ll love to see this too.” *holds up hand*

Manager: “Oh my God! What happened to your hand?!”

Me: “I sliced it open pretty bad. That’s why I was screaming for you, but [coworker] got me bandaged up so it’s all good.”

(Not only did I not get in trouble, but he sent me home early with a full day’s pay!)

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