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| Alberta, Canada | Working | February 28, 2013

Door-to-door Salesman: “Hi, I’m here to tell you about some excellent deals we have at [energy provider].”

Me: “Thanks for the offer, but I’m happy with the provider I currently use.”

Salesman: “Okay, thanks for your time.  Have a nice night, Sir!”

(Unbeknownst to him, my neighbour is out of town and I’m taking care of her cat.  I grab the key, run out the back door, and make it to my neighbour’s before he does.)

Salesman: “Hi, I’m here to tell you…uh…”

(The salesman’s voice trails off as he recognizes me.)

Me: “Didn’t you already come here like a minute or two ago?”

Salesman: “Yeah, I, uh…”

(Confused, he looks around at the house, trying to figure out what happened.)

Salesman: “I’m sorry, Sir. It’s been a long day. Have a nice night.” *leaves*

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