Canada Day, 2019

| Right | July 1, 2019

Oh, Canada! Sometimes we don’t appreciate you enough.

In celebration of Canada Day, we give you stories of folks — and not just from the USA — who can’t seem to figure out where Canada is or why it exists… or maybe even how it exists.


Personally, I Prefer Stars And Polkadots — It’s a flag, not a decoration!

Canada, America’s Baseball Cap — We promise that Canada Day is a real holiday with no pretending going on.

Yukon Spend It — It’s almost like other countries do things differently.

Independent From Your Day — What do you call July 4 in Canadian?

Canada, America’s Hat (Part 7) — See? It’s not just the Americans who don’t understand Canada!

Yukon Freeze It — How big is your igloo?

Leap Days Of Logic — Canada: Large enough to move the calendar.

Sorry, I Canada Understand You — Even outside the US, Canada remains a mystery.


Happy Canada Day! Have you experienced people who don’t grasp the whats or wheres of Canada?  Do you have stories of those who don’t understand our grand neighbor to the north?  Tell us about them in the comments or submit your story here and we might use it!


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