But You Will End Up On A Website About How Entitled You Are…

, , | Right | February 25, 2019

(I have refused to refund a customer as he wanted us to price match about a month after purchasing some items.)

Customer: “If you are not going to price match for me, then I won’t shop here again.”

Me: “That is your choice. Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer: “I will be leaving reviews about your company, and they won’t be good.”

Me: “If you want to leave us a review, I can’t stop you.”

Customer: “I have 5000 friends on Facebook, you know. “

Me: “Good for you.”

Customer: “If I post bad s*** about this company, that’s 5000 customers you will never hear from.”

Me: “I can’t stop you leaving a review about your experience.”

Customer: “I also have over 15,000 followers on YouTube.”

(The customer pauses, I assume for effect.)

Me: “Congratulations.”

Customer: “Do you know how many people are going to watch it if I post a review on there?”

Me: “Quite a few, I should think. But they won’t help you get a refund.”

(The customer swore and hung up. We still haven’t found a YouTube video about our terrible refund policy.)

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