An Alternative Train of Thor-t

| Learning | December 16, 2013

(Our history class is studying the post-Stalin thaw during the cold war. Most British accents, including ours, pronounce the word ‘thaw’ almost identically to ‘Thor.’)

Teacher: “Okay. Who can tell me a sign of the thaw?”

(The class is silent.)

Teacher: “Come on guys. Sign of thaw?”

Classmate #1: “Bifrost patterns?”

(The entire class laughs. Our teacher manages to call order.)

Teacher: “That could be a sign of any Asgardians. Anyone else?”

Classmate #2: “Trashed universities?”

Classmate #3: “Fangirls?”

Me: “Follow the hammer?”

(This carries on for roughly ten minutes before we get back to the original point. Best. Lesson. Ever.)

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