All-Or-Nothing Housekeeping Service

, , , | Working | May 6, 2021

I am travelling for business: a supplier day-visit turned into a week-long event. It isn’t the holiday people think; I see the inside of a factory until it is dark, sleep in a hotel, wake, and go straight to the factory again. It isn’t fun. I barely sleep, and all the work I would be doing is waiting for me when I get back.

The hotel is pretty nice, at least. The rooms are okay and the food okay, but the staff try way too hard. I constantly have to stop them from topping up my drinks and even bringing me food I haven’t ordered. They still expect me to pay, and it all goes through work. I get a big telling-off if I spend or drink too much.

One afternoon, I return to the room to find the clothes I had laid out for the next day arranged with the towels into an animal. It’s late, but I stay up to re-iron everything again for the morning. On my way out the following morning, I stop by the front desk.

Me: “Sorry, but could housekeeping please not arrange my clothes?”

Receptionist: “Sorry?”

Me: “The towel animals — please don’t do that anymore. My clothes were creased and folded.”

Receptionist: “It’s all part of the service.”

Me: “Yes, but I… Look, please stop.”

Receptionist: “Oh, okay. I will let them know.”

I get back again, late. My room has not been cleaned and the toiletries are empty. I go down to reception, thinking there has been a mistake.

Me: “My room hasn’t been cleaned. Can I get some toiletries, please?.”

The receptionist checks her computer.

Receptionist: “You asked for housekeeping to not replace the towels?”

Me: “Yes, not for the room to be cleaned. Can I get some toiletries?”

Receptionist: “Sorry, we asked them not to do your room as you asked.”

I gave up. Her English was perfect but she couldn’t understand that I didn’t want people messing with what was clearly my work stuff. I couldn’t get them to clean my room, so I ended up buying what I needed instead. I made sure work knew not to book there again.

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