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A Uniform Response, Part 3

, , | Right | January 21, 2020

(Most shops close around 8:00 pm in my town, except one which is open until midnight. I finish work at 9:30 and so decide to pop in to pick up a few things. I am in my uniform: a light blue polo shirt with orange contrast and our logo on it and black company pants with an orange stripe on each pocket. The uniform of the store is a dark navy polo with red contrast and the store logo on it and plain black pants. Most employees also wear a radio. The first customer to ask me for help I think nothing of and just point out that I don’t work there. They give me a confused look saying, “But you’re wearing a blue shirt.” The second I’m a tad annoyed by, but they accept their mistake and move on. The third argues with me:)

Me: “Sorry, I don’t work here.”

Customer: “You’re wearing the uniform.”

Me: “Actually, I’m wearing a [Other Store] uniform. The store uniform is dark blue, not light blue.”

Customer: “You’re still wearing it!”

Me: *having gone well past tolerance and patience into annoyance because I just want to get home* “You know what?”

(I then took my shirt off and bundled it up in my hand — I was wearing my gym shirt under anyway — and was rewarded by a slightly offended and horrified look from the customer before they stalked away. I was further rewarded as I walked past the next aisle and spied an actual employee chuckling quietly.)

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