The Rains Of Karma

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(I am employed as a baggage handler at a small bus stop for interregional buses. There is a two-hour stop for one of the more popular routes. Customers can leave as many bags as they want with me for $2, so they can get something to eat and explore the town while waiting for their bus. On this particular day it is pouring with rain. The customer throws his two large duffel bags at me and starts to walk away.)

Me: “Excuse me; it’s $2 to store your bags.”

Customer: “And?”

Me: “If you don’t pay, I’ll have to leave your bags outside, and it’s raining quite heavily today.”

Customer: “You listen to me. This service should be part of my bus fare, and I am not giving you a single cent. My bags had better be with you when I return, or you’re not going to like what happens next.”

(He then stormed off, ignoring my warning. I picked up his bags and took them outside, The bus station was well-known for not having any outside shelter, so I left his bags where no one would trip over them, but still in the rain. He wound up coming back just when his bus was about to leave, and saw his bags sitting outside. I could tell he wanted to talk to me but couldn’t risk missing his bus. He picked up his bags and it was like a waterfall with all the water coming out if them. I never heard from him again. Thing is, if he had polite, I would have stored his bags for free, given how bad the weather was.)

Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead(pool) Leaving Your Garbage

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(I work at a cinema. For those who haven’t watched it, the Deadpool movie contains an extra at the end of the credits, stating that it is a “d**k move” to leave garbage lying around in the theatre. This occurs after the end of the credits:)

Me: *to people exiting the theatre* “Thank you! Come again!”

Man: *behind most of them* “Deadpool will get them because none of them f****** listened when he told them to not leave their garbage lying around!”

(I have never seen so many people go back into a theatre to pick up their trash off the seat.)

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(I work as a sampler, giving out free samples of products to drive sales. I don’t have a set store, I move around depending on which stores want samplers. In this I am sampling four different types of chocolate and I’m in a very quiet store.)

Me: *To a group of teenage boys* “Hi, would you like try some [Brand], today? There are four to try from,  points out the corresponding flavour* we’ve got milk, dark, white or caramel flavoured chocolate.

(The teens all take one, only the last of their group commenting on his choice.)

Teen 1: And I’ll get a dark…
Teen 2: Only old ladies like dark chocolate

(As the other two teens laugh, I smile and walk over to the next customer in sight.)

(Maybe, ten minutes later, the group approaches me again, asking if they can have a second sample.

I’m not allowed to give second samples unless people seem overly aggressive, in order for them to leave me alone. However, during a quiet shift the odd second sample isn’t a huge problem. As long as I have enough samples to last the whole shift, then it’s fine. I usually only give second samples to people who seem nice and genuinely seem like they will buy the product – if not today but in the future.

This group of teens obviously weren’t interested in buying any, so I told them I couldn’t give them another. But again, five minutes later I ran into them again.)

Teen 2: “Can we please have another sample.”
Me: *tiredly* “Sure.”

*they all pick the same chocolate as before, expect Teen 1*

Teen 1: “I’ll get a milk one this time…”
Me: “You don’t want to be an old lady anymore?”
*his friends laugh*
Teen 1: *while awkwardly laughing with them* “Yeah… I need to give it up.”

They’re All Tuned In To Each Other

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Recently a radio station has been running a competition where you can win your mortgage or rent paid for a year.

You can only get in the drawing by being the ninth caller each time they play the cue to call. The winner of the competition is a woman who reveals she is not keeping the prize for herself, but instead using it to pay for a coworker’s rent.

The coworker is an immigrant with no family in New Zealand; his son has recently been diagnosed with cancer and his wife has given up work to take care of the son, as they have no family support.

The winner says that the whole office had an agreement to all try to call every time the cue to call came on so they could win it for the coworker.

Chocolate Drives All Of Us

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I have had a very long, emotionally draining, trying day. I’ve also just stopped off at the supermarket and found some limited-edition and hard-to-get chocolate that I am excited to find. On my way home, I decide to stop at a famous chicken takeaway with a drive-thru, which I don’t normally stop at, but I want a pick me up.

The drive-thru line is long, but I’m happy to wait. When I finally arrive at the window, the drive-thru girl is very patient and wishes me apologies for the wait. I tell her it is of no worry and give her my best smile, because as a worker of retail I know the struggle. I ask for my order, with some extra seasoning on the fries if they are able.

Next thing I know, she has handed me extra items for my patience and understanding. She is highly sweet and thoroughly lovely throughout the transaction. When I arrive at the collection window, I’m still such in shock at the extra items she has given me, that I try to give the two limited chocolates to her and the other workers in thanks for her amazing attitude. They are so short-staffed, it’s the same girl!

She has even given me an entire packet of extra seasoning for my fries, more than requested.

She tells me there is no way she will accept the chocolate. I basically hand it to her and drive off, telling her there is no way I could not give it over as a “thank you.” She accepted it so humbly.

Easily the best drive-thru experience I ever had.

I made sure to leave an online review for her. True customer service exists and should be respected at all time!

Since then, I always recommend this worker at the drive-thru.

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