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Background info for my rant: I work in a supermarket. My store is getting rid of a bunch of tuna for $1 a can.

So here’s my story for most annoying customer I dealt with today:
I’m at my checkout waiting for my next customer when I see a trolley with at least 50 cans of tuna in it. I pay it no mind until I see who is pushing the trolley. A local woman who is notorious for only putting one item on the conveyor belt at a time. She refuses to put the next item up until she sees that the previous item has scanned for the correct price. And so she does. She puts up one tuna can at a time (turns out she had 78) and a few other items. I stack all the cans neatly in bags and leave them at the end of the checkout, input her loyalty card and tell her the total. Only then does she tell me that half of the cans were meant to be on a separate transaction.

I could have strangled her at that point. I voided the transaction and grabbed all the bags of neatly-stacked tuna and dumped them on the belt. She then proceeded to sort through all the tuna and decide which ones were going to paid for by which card. All the meanwhile the customers behind her were getting extremely irritated because she was making them wait longer.

I process the first order; re-input her loyalty card and she pays. I give her the receipt and start scanning the next lot. She asks for $20 cash out with the second order. Time for revenge! I hand her the receipt and then count out the $20 in $1 and 50c coins. I slammed the cash drawer shut and when she asked for notes instead of coins; I put on my biggest smile and sweetest voice and told her: “I’m sorry, I’ve already shut the drawer, you should have told me you wanted it as a note. Have a great evening.”

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A lady purchased some pork brawn earlier that day (all the old people buy it), and came back later to complain that it wasn’t made the right way.
She also brought in a friend for “moral support.”
Her: “This is just rubbish, you should throw this all out. it’s not made to the original recipe”
Me: “Sorry ma’am, this is made by another company, and I’m not able to do that since I am not a supervisor”
Her: “Well just don’t sell it! It’s rubbish, and you should never sell this again! I’m going to speak to (Store Owner) about this. I want to speak to (Store Owner) about this”
I got my supervisor and steered clear of that lady

Mix-Up Causes Mixed Emotions

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I’m a customer at a local fast food joint. While I used to frequently get fast food, due to wanting to get into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve been avoiding eating at any fast food joints, except maybe once every few months. However, this particular joint currently has a promotional burger that I am so very excited to try, so I made it a treat to myself. 

It is also the opening night of a new, hugely popular superhero film. There is a movie theatre less than a two-minute walk from the fast food joint, so the staff are clearly run off their feet with massive lines.

When I finally get to the counter, the frazzled but hugely polite and apologetic staff member informs me the drink machines are down. Bummer. But they are offering free replacement sides in place of a drink. I tell them it is completely fine and even joke sympathetically what a bummer it has happened on a night with such a popular film bringing the huge crowds.

I make my order of the promotional burger with sides and wait for it to be called out. While I am waiting, I people-watch. Throughout the entire time I wait, I can’t help but notice how efficient and polite the staff are, despite the massive rush. 

I receive my bag of greasy goodness and, as the place is packed, retreat to the comfort of my vehicle. 

There, I discover that my burger order has sadly been mistaken for another customer’s. While it is a burger I previously have eaten at this joint and enjoyed, I had my heart so set on the promotional burger. 

As I am only just outside the joint, I head back in and wait at the collection point for a staff member. I hate causing trouble for customer service, after spending most of my working life dealing with customer complaints that are beyond ridiculous. I apologise for the trouble and explain that the burger order has been mixed up — only the burger; everything else is completely correct. 

I swear the staff doesn’t know what to do with the fact that I’m not yelling at them for the mishap. They give me a new burger and let me keep the mix-up, as well, as a thanks for not causing a scene and as an apology for the mistake. 

I leave them a nice review on their Facebook page, not for the first time. Always acknowledge when staff are doing their best, and don’t make their life more difficult than it needs to be. They’re human and you actually get the nicer side of them when you act as a decent human yourself.

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(I used to work in a call center that, among other things, dealt with various types of insurance. We received many weird and random calls, but this one honestly made me think I was being punked. I was sure no one could be that stupid. I was wrong.)

Me: (company name), (my name) speaking, how can I help?

Customer: Yeah . . . Hi . . . I was just reading this insurance brochure you sent out, and it says to call [claims line number that is different to ours] if I want to make a claim.

Me: Yes, that is correct.

Customer: So . . . I want to make a claim. Do I call that number, or can I just speak to you about it?

Me: *unable to speak*

Has Some Baggage About You Using Your Bag

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(New Zealand supermarkets have recently stopped giving out single-use plastic bags at the checkout, and now encourage you to bring your own, or if you forget you can buy them at the checkout for a dollar. I always remember to bring mine, as I’ve been using them from before they were compulsory. This particular supermarket’s self-check area throws a fit if you put your bag down without first telling the machine you’ve used your own bag, as everything is done by weight. Up until about last week, there was always a prompt which came up asking if you were using your own bag; with the change to all-reusable bags they have, unbeknownst to me, removed that prompt, and instead, you have to find a little button on the screen before you start scanning your groceries. I put my bag on the scale, scan my first item, and wait for the prompt, which isn’t coming. The machine locks up and a cashier approaches me.)

Cashier: “You can’t just put your bag down there like that. You have to tell the machine that you’re using your own bag or it won’t work.”

Me: “Sorry, there was no prompt, so I didn’t know—”

Cashier: “There isn’t a prompt! You have to tell it you’re using your own bag!”

Me: *after a pause* “How do I tell it I’m using my own bag if there’s no prompt?”

Cashier: *massive eye roll* “Ugh, you have to hit the button, obviously! Are you blind?”

Me: “What button?”

(She points to the button in the bottom corner of the screen; it’s far from obvious what it’s purpose is, and it’s tiny.)

Cashier: “You need to use the button; otherwise, the machine will lock up! Either that or go through the main checkouts if you can’t figure it out!”

(I am so done with her attitude that I just say “thanks” and try and get her to go away. What kind of a customer service rep gets grumpy with their customers for not knowing about changes to their software immediately? As I’m walking away:)

Customer: *in line behind me* “What a b****y attitude. There’s no need for that.”

(I agree. Rude.)

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