A Uniform Response, Part 3

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(Most shops close around 8:00 pm in my town, except one which is open until midnight. I finish work at 9:30 and so decide to pop in to pick up a few things. I am in my uniform: a light blue polo shirt with orange contrast and our logo on it and black company pants with an orange stripe on each pocket. The uniform of the store is a dark navy polo with red contrast and the store logo on it and plain black pants. Most employees also wear a radio. The first customer to ask me for help I think nothing of and just point out that I don’t work there. They give me a confused look saying, “But you’re wearing a blue shirt.” The second I’m a tad annoyed by, but they accept their mistake and move on. The third argues with me:)

Me: “Sorry, I don’t work here.”

Customer: “You’re wearing the uniform.”

Me: “Actually, I’m wearing a [Other Store] uniform. The store uniform is dark blue, not light blue.”

Customer: “You’re still wearing it!”

Me: *having gone well past tolerance and patience into annoyance because I just want to get home* “You know what?”

(I then took my shirt off and bundled it up in my hand — I was wearing my gym shirt under anyway — and was rewarded by a slightly offended and horrified look from the customer before they stalked away. I was further rewarded as I walked past the next aisle and spied an actual employee chuckling quietly.)

A Uniform Response, Part 2
A Uniform Response

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A Celiac Maniac

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(I am working as a waitress in a restaurant and this couple comes in for dinner. They sit down at the table and I take their order and send it to the kitchen. A few moments later, the lady calls me over.)

Customer: “Sorry I forgot to tell you I’m celiac.” *allergic to gluten* “Could you please check that my order is okay?”

Me: “Yeah, of course. Your main meal actually is celiac already, but I’ll just inform the kitchen so they know.”

(I go and let the kitchen and my manager who is running the pass know, and everything is fine. About two minutes later, my manager calls me into the kitchen really confused because my celiac table has ordered a Cobb Loaf — a very much full of gluten bread loaf. Thinking maybe they didn’t realise it was bread, I go and check with the table.)

Me: “Hey, guys, I just noticed you’ve ordered a Cobb Loaf, which is a bread loaf and contains gluten. Did you still want to order it?”

Customer: “Oh, no, that’s okay; we’ll risk it.”

(The customer then proceeded to eat half of the bread completely unfazed and I’m so confused.)

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Try The New Impossible Water!

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(I am working in a restaurant as the pass coordinator and when the night gets quiet, my runners go home and I run the food myself. I have just run three massive plates of marinated ribs out to a booth and I’m carrying three finger bowls to the table.)

Customer: “I’m sorry, but is your water suitable for vegans?”

Me: *looks at the table which has three massive plates of ribs and every single other person has a steak* “Yeah?”

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(It’s a busy day and I’m on the coffee machine at my work, I’ve just completed a number of takeaway orders before starting on my sit-in coffees when a customer from one of the tables approaches me.)
Customer: So do you just make the to go orders here?
Me: Ah, no, all orders are made on this machine.
Customer: I thought perhaps they were made in there. *points to our small kitchen with obviously no room for a coffee machine.*
Me: No ma’am, just here.
Customer: Oh. *wanders back to table.*

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(Note: The name of the place I work has Coffee in the title and this customer walked by at least three signs with our name on it, not to mention our machine is on full display right next to me.)
Customer: *approaches counter* So do you guys serve coffee here?
Me: Yes we do, what would you like?
*Customer proceeds to place her order and I start to make it while she stares up at our menu.*
Customer: Oh you guys make food as well!
(I have no idea what sort of store she thought we were when she walked in….)