A Single Dream Is More Powerful Than A Thousand Realities

, | Romantic | April 9, 2014

(My boyfriend has left for an internship four hours away from where we live. While he is gone I have a creepy individual follow me around the grocery store. It unnerves me to the point that I ask friends about how to keep people like that away. One of my close friends mentions she always wears her wedding ring and it works. I make plans to buy a fake one to wear around and tell my boyfriend via messenger.)

Me: “Hey, my friend mentioned she uses a wedding ring to keep the creepers at bay. I’m going to go out and buy a fake one to wear tomorrow.”

Boyfriend: “Oh? Sounds like a plan then. Just going to go get one?”

Me: “Yeah, just going to buy a cheap costume ring to wear to ward off unwanted attention.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, it worries me when you tell me about these things, since I’m not there. I need to rest for work now, though.”

Me: “Wish you were here. Bedtime, though. Night, night!”

(I head to bed and imagine how romantic it would be if he offered to help me find a real ring. I brush it off as being childish fantasy since he has made it clear he doesn’t like marriage. The next morning I wake up and get ready to head out and get a fake ring.)

Me: “About to head out and get a fake ring. Hopefully it won’t take too long!”

Boyfriend: “Actually, I was thinking a lot about this last night, and I couldn’t figure out why I was so against marriage since we already are pretty much like a married couple. So, I was hoping I could pick out a ring?”

Me: “Are you f****** kidding me?”

Boyfriend: “What?”

Me: “Am I still dreaming?”

Boyfriend: “Umm… No?”

Me: “I thought about how romantic it would be if you offered to help me pick out a ring. I told myself I was being stupid and childish and now it’s happening!”

Boyfriend: “Not so stupid and childish now, huh?”

(He did help me pick out a temporary ring until he could afford a real engagement ring and even got down on one knee and asked if I would agree to be his fiancée at a later date! We’re not very romantic, but this most certainly was!)

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