A Spoonful Of Pizza Helps The Beer Go Down

| Romantic | April 8, 2014

(My girlfriend temporarily lives with her aunt. Her mother, who lives out of state, is also visiting for a few weeks. We are Skyping.)

Girlfriend: “I wasn’t in the mood to cook yesterday, [Aunt] was out on a date and mom was sick so we got pizza.”

Me: “Ugh, what a way to spend a Saturday night. I hope your mom’s doing better?”

Girlfriend: “Yeah. I checked up on her later, and brought her some pizza and a beer.”

Me: “Wait… Your mom was sick in bed and you bring her pizza and beer?!”

Girlfriend: “Uh, yeah? She was feeling better and getting her appetite back. She asked for a beer and some food, so I brought it to her. Why?”

Me: “Nothing… but I think I feel a fever coming on. Can you swing by my place?”

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