A Gut Instinct Of Dislike

| Related | June 4, 2014

(My sister, my dad, and I are talking about zombies and zombie movies. We are trying to convince her to watch ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ but she adamantly refuses. She is absolutely terrified of zombies.)

Dad: “Come on, [Sister], you’ve got to watch it! It’s the classic zombie movie!”

Me: “Yeah, [Sister]. You have no idea what you’re missing. You’re just scared. But I swear you’ve already seen worse gore.”

Sister: “It’s not the gore that bothers me, really. It’s the idea of humans eating humans… I’ve seen worse in Bladerunner but cannibalism is something I just can’t stomach…”

(She pauses for a moment as what she said hits her.)

Sister: “No pun intended.”

(She is currently watching the movie, so I guess we won!)

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