A Good Sign Of The Times

, , , | Hopeless | September 2, 2016

(At one point I find myself with no money or dog food. I ask around people I know, but none of them can spare any money so I can feed my dogs. I try feeding them various meats I have, but since I have little food myself, I can’t feed them as much as they need. I eventually decide, reluctantly, to tape a sign to the community mailbox.)

Sign: “If anyone has any spare dog food, I’d really appreciate it at [House Number].”

(I included a small map. Later that night, my doorbell goes off and I answer the door to find a man with a grocery bag.)

Man: “Are you the one who posted the sign?”

Me: “Yes.”

(He handed me the bag, inside of which was a fresh bag of good-quality dog food and even some dog treats. Close to tears, I thanked the man, who brushed it off and left. My dogs were quite happy to get a proper meal and a treat, while I eventually got my finances in order and keep my dogs healthy and well-fed since. Whoever you are, sir, thank you again for helping me through a tough time!)

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