A Gas-Giant Sized A**hole

, , , | Right | January 5, 2019

(I’m a customer at a restaurant and bar that holds trivia every Sunday night. In the middle of the game, there is a question about the solar system. The correct answer is, “Jupiter.” A family with two young kids enters the restaurant as this question is displayed on the TVs but the teams still have time to put in their answers.)

Kid: *yelling loudly enough to be heard over the music* “JUPITER! IT’S JUPITER! THE ANSWER IS JUPITER!”

DJ: “And the correct answer is… Jupiter! And everyone got that right. So, just a reminder: there’s no blurting out answers if you’re not playing the game.”

Dad: “Oh! Angry DJ, huh? We’ve got an angry DJ!” *looks around the restaurant for backup but no one says anything* “Hey, buddy, the customer is always right!”

Me: “Dude, you’re not a trivia customer.”

(The family angrily left the restaurant. They later called the manager and demanded that the DJ apologize. She told them that wasn’t going to happen.)

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