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(I had 2 experiences at this hospital, both for the same reason. I had bronchitis and lack of oxygen had caused me to get even more sick.)
1st time: I was at home, thought I needed to puke so I went to the bathroom. After, what I thought was maybe 5 minutes, I went to leave, finding out that I am unable to walk. I crawled to my room to my phone, and called my mom and step dad. I was literally about 100 feet away from where they were. My mom came rushing in my room, took one look at me, called my step dad in, and he lifted me to get me to the car. I get to the hospital where my mom has to get a wheelchair. Not one single person came to help.
( I get inside where the nurse tries to take my temperature.)
Nurse: Weird, the thermometer isn’t reading.
( She tries multpile times, same result. They have me sit in the waiting room. By 3 or 4 am, another nurse comes to take me into a separate room to put an IV in. He forgets to lock the wheelchair before putting in the IV. I start sliding back cause I go into shock extremely quickly.)
Nurse #2: Um, let’s get you in a room. How does that sound?
( They put me into a room that literally only fits the room and a second person, almost like a closet they made into a room. The doctor comes in an hour later, looks at the chart and tells me I had a panic attack. He gives me an antianxiety pill that puts me to sleep 10 min later.)
Second time: Same issues, exactly the same issues.
(My mom is on her way, we get to a stop light, she asks if I’m ok. I contemplate whether or not to go back to this hospital. Decide it’s a better place to go.)
Nurse: Hm, the thermometer isn’t reading.
Me: Mom, let’s just go home. F*** this, this isn’t worth it.
( We go home. A couple years later, I’m getting migraines daily. The migraines are a genetic thing my family goes through when going through puberty. I see a neurosurgeon to confirm this. I ask about those 2 nights.)
Neurosurgeon: Oh, yeah. That was seizures from lack of oxygen from the bronchitis. What did they tell you?
Me: You do know that the hospital is called the “hospital of death”, right? They said it was anxiety attacks.
( Both times I had bronchitis, both times I had siezures that literally caused my body temperature to drop enough to where the thermometer refused to read my temperature. Told myom if it ever happened again, she better drive me 45 min away to another hospital, or I’d much rather die at home. I never gone back there for any reason, ever. Even when I had kidney stones and both kidneys had an infection. I’d much rather die than go back.)

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