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(I have hypothyroidism, which has been successfully controlled with medication for several years. Over a couple months, however, I notice that some of my symptoms are returning. I call my doctor, and she says she will do a blood test. I go to her office for the results.)

Doctor: Ok, so your thyroid level is at 4.9.

(Note: The maximum is 5.)

Me: Well, no wonder I’ve been feeling sick! That’s very high.

Doctor: Oh, no. You’re fine. 5 is the top of the normal range. You’re still under that.

Me: But a lot of my old symptoms are coming back. I can’t sleep at night, I’m tired during the day, I’m freezing cold all the time-

Doctor: You’re under stress. It’s normal.


Doctor: Well, you just need to go on a diet.

Me: I exercise 5 days a week, and I eat my fruits and veggies!! I don’t feel like myself. I know my body, and I need a medication change!

Doctor: Well, I’m not giving you one, because you’re normal.

(She tells me to exercise more and gives me a vitamin supplement. I fume, but take it. A couple months later, I move to a different state. I go in for an appointment with my new doctor.)

New Doctor: I’ve been reviewing your test results from your previous doctor, and I noticed your thyroid is at 4.9. That’s very high. Are you feeling ok at that number?

Me: Not at all! I tried to tell her, but she wouldn’t listen. She kept saying it was normal.

New Doctor: I’m not surprised. Older guidelines allow it to get that high, but I’ve found that my patients feel better when their thyroid is at 3 or under. I’m going to order some more blood work.

(The new blood test shows that my number skyrocketed to a 6. My new doctor changes my medication immediately. It takes a year and 3 medicine changes to get it right. It turned out that my thyroid number had been creeping up for a couple years, and my old doctor had just ignored it. I’m happy to report that I’m much better now!)

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