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(My adult teeth are way too big for the size of my jaw, so even before I lost all my baby teeth we all knew I’d need braces. I was brought to a private orthodontic surgery since I didn’t qualify for free/public health braces like my brother. I’d had one preliminary appointment to assess my teeth, take X-rays, and make moulds, and another with their top consultant to decide what to do. My third appointment was with the owner of the surgery himself, and since I was only 12 my dad sat in with me for the first few sessions.)

Orthodontist: “Well we’ll need to take four teeth out to make room, so we can either take them from here—” *pointing on chart* “—or here. What do you think?”

Me: “The back ones.”

Dad: “Yeah, whatever she says.”

(We’d pretty much gone through this already with the consultant.) 

Orthodontist: “Okay, you can get the girls downstairs to book you in to get the first two out whenever suits you.”


Dad: “Well from talking to the other man we thought she’d have them taken out today…”

Orthodontist: “Oh! Well we can do that today, yes!”

(Somewhat confused, but otherwise it went fine. I went back two weeks later to get the second set out. I must point out that I had absolutely no fear of dentists or needles… until he stuck me IN THE JAW with the anaesthetic syringe!) 

Me: *squeaks loudly, jumps in the chair*

Orthodontist: “Oh, sorry! Are you okay?”

(All I could do was mumble and nod in affirmative so he carried on as if nothing had happened, but I’m still amazed that my rather protective dad managed to sit still and said nothing. Thankfully I didn’t have to see this guy again after my braces were on, and when I was 18 I refused to go back to that surgery despite having a permanent bar behind my bottom teeth. So much for quality work…)