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(Whenever someone’s total is similar sounding to a year (i.e. 19.27), they will almost always say “that was a good year!” Usually I smirk or chuckle at the joke, but sometimes I give it back to them. It’s important to note that I’m majoring in history at university so I am really good at remembering events and corresponding years and dates)
Me: “So your total comes to $19.14.”
Customer: “That was a good year!”
Me: “No, it wasn’t! It was an awful year!”
Customer: “Oh, really? Were you there?”
Me: “No, but there was a global event that started that year that was significant and castastrophic on many levels.” (I’m of course, talking about World War I, which officially started on July 28, 1914)
Customer: “What’s that?”
Me: “…”