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(Quick backstory: the store I work at has had immense issues with corporate, and we are waiting on them, and have been, for over a month for many things. We can’t physically sell the things people order online before we get them. My normal manager is out this week and in her place is a spineless assistant manager. I’m 19 and am only working for the summer, yet am practically in charge because of the incompetencey)

Customer: I’ve been waiting two weeks for my shirts, where are they?!
Me: I’m so sorry about that ma’am, do you possibly have your order number so I can look that up?
Customer: *rudely* no, you should have it in the system.
Me: …ok ma’am, can I have your name please?
*glares at me LIKE I SOMEHOW SHOULD BE ABLE TO GUESS HER NAME and writes it down. I take it back to the manager, and we search her up, and the system says her stuff shipped on Monday. I go back out.*
Me: So our system says it shipped on Friday, so hopefully you should see those in about a week.
Customer: Can I get a shipping number?
Me: Absolutely!
*go back again, manager says that she doesn’t have one so maybe we “shipped” it after the mail came on Friday, and the mail guy didn’t come again until today*
Me: So my manager says that even though our system says it shipped on Friday, it is possible that it didn’t actually leave until today, which is why she can’t find a tracking number, if you want—
Customer: I KNEW IT, I KNEW you wern’t telling me the truth, get me someoneone who will actually tell the truth!
*my manager comes out next to me and literally repeats everything I just said, while I’m standing next to her*
Customer: I could tell the way she *flips hand at me* was looking at me that she was lying, that she wasn’t telling the truth. Thank you for telling me the truth.
*she leaves and the manager goes in the back again, yelling a quick “sorry” to me. I don’t know what planet she had to be on to think that a 19 year old would be hiding and lying about her shirts, and then the fact that my manager did nothing to stand up for me, I almost quit*