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Unfiltered | November 30, 2015

I work for a garment store and we are a “full-service establishment”, meaning that an employee must assist the customer with trying things on. We sell specially-fitted pieces that…well, require full participation from everyone involved. Imagine someone putting you into a pair of tennis shoes: it’s not a passive activity.

CUSTOMER: (comes straight to where I’m standing next to my boss, who famously hates people in general, near the cash register) I was in here yesterday with my friend and I couldn’t believe how badly I was treated!

ME: I’m sorry? (My boss says nothing throughout the whole exchange.)

CUSTOMER: YES! My friend was getting fitted and one of your employees came up and FORCED me into something! I didn’t want to try anything on but she FORCED it onto me!

ME: Oh.

CUSTOMER: Yeah, what kind of customer service is that? You guys are so pushy, you know that? I didn’t want to try anything on but you think it’s okay to force people?!

(I remember her from the day before. She did try something on, and while she didn’t seem overenthusiastic, she never protested, either. At this point, I have no idea what she might want so I just let her rant and carry on about how we FORCED her until she finally runs out of steam.)

CUSTOMER: …so I think that’s just rude! Forcing people to try on things they don’t want, without their permission!

(My boss seems to be at a loss for words as well, because the situation the customer’s describing is fairly impossible. She’s not making any demands, she doesn’t call out the associate who helped her, or any typical dissatisfied customer stuff. Finally, without another word, the customer turns around and stalks out of the shop.)

BOSS: …so, uh.

ME: Well, my give-a-damn’s straight-up busted.

BOSS: Yup.