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Unfiltered | November 29, 2015

I work in the call centre at the head office of a popular airline in Canada

Me: Thanks for calling [company] this is [me], how can I help today?

Guest: Yes, I would like to confirm my flight is on time.

Me: Sure, not a problem I can take a look.

[I pull up his reservation and notice his flight does not depart for another month]

Me: I am sorry but due to the fact that your departure is not today I can not tell you if it is on time, it is still scheduled to leave at the same time.

[Guest seems pretty confused about this but moves on to next question]

Guest: Oh… okay can I pre-select seats then?

[I fully go through the seat selection process with him]

Me: ..and what form of payment would you like that one today?

Guest: Cash.

Me: *trying not to laugh* I am sorry, but due to the fact that I cannot receive cash over the phone, I will need a credit card to process this transaction.

[Guest comes to conclusion that he needs to call his father for his credit card number]

Me: No problem, you can call back and anyone would be happy to confirm your seats.

Him: Why can’t I do it with you?

Me: Oh I am sorry, is he there?

Him: No I have to call him.

Me: Oh okay, so you have another phone line you could use to call then.

Him: No I will use this phone

Me: …but if you disconnect my call to call him, I wont be able to help you, and will receive another call. You will need to call back with the payment info.

[Guest reluctantly agrees to call back at another time, I get off the line and kill myself laughing, and add a remark to the file saying he needed extra assistance at the airport]