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Student: “Hey, you remember that labs were a struggle for me, since I wouldn’t stay and listen to your instruction but chose to go outside to the “bathroom” (aka text my friends since my phone doesn’t get service in this stupid building) for about 20 minutes of your 75 minute instruction and then cut out ASAP during the time you remained after this to work with us. Then, you weren’t there after 6pm the day before it was due to hold my hand and tell me what to type and everyone else was done except my friend who has missed two of the four labs this semester, so I had to help him and he has problems, let me tell you. Anyway, I have no idea what to do on this test, and had no idea that we were allowed to use our books/notes, since I was in the “bathroom” when you announced this (was it two or three times during lab and in an email to everyone?) and so I need you to sit here beside me, while everyone else is taking the test, and tell me what to type because I don’t want a bad grade.

(Other students rolling their eyes and looking in disbelief!)

Professor: Uh… No.

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