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Unfiltered | October 11, 2015

(I’m working at a Haunted House selling the tickets up front. The manager put me in charge because he had to make a change run. A young woman with her child, who looks like he might be 5 years old and the mom who looks like she could be 20, is next in line. We have a rule where no child under 7 is allowed inside, signs are put on the door entrance and on the ticket desk that say this. She puts her money on the table and asks for 2 tickets.)

Me: Ma’am, we cannot allow children under the age of 7 to enter the haunted house.

Customer: He’s fine. Don’t worry about it,

Me: No, that’s the rule, nobody under 7.

Customer: FINE, HE’S 7!

(It’s already been a long day and I really don’t want to get into it, so I just give her the tickets after taking her money. She snatches the tickets and drags her son to the attraction. The walk in the haunted house usually takes about 5 minutes. After about 2 minutes, I hear a child scream and cry very loudly in the house. Shortly after, I see the same lady, carrying her son, out through the entrance rushing towards me.)

Customer: What the f*** is wrong with you people! You made my f****** kid cry in there! I want my money back and I’m going to sue this g****** place for traumatizing a four-year-old!

(At this point, her ignorance broke through my tolerance level)

Me: Lady, I told you nobody under seven years old! You even said he was seven! If anything, I can call CPS on YOU for dragging a four-year-old in there!

Customer: Stupid B****! How dare you talk to me like that! Where is your manager? I bet your tone will change once I tell them you’re threatening me!

Me: My manger is not here. Right now, I’m in charge. I’m not gonna argue on a issue that is clearly your fault. So get out, or I can get security to drag you out!

(After a few minutes of calling me names and screeching about how she is going to bring her baby-daddy to “f*** me up”, Our security guard finally comes out of the office after watching the cameras and proceeds to escort her out)

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