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After having allowed my hair to grow to long I eventually got around to shaving it all off, as I usually do. The night after I had my regular scheduled video chat with my 6 year old god daughter.

goddaughter: “[my name] Your hair is gone”
Me: “Yes I don’t like having to comb my hair, so once it gets long enough that I’d have to comb it I just shave it all off!”
goddaughter: “I liked your hair! you should have kept it”
me: “Oh I’m sorry you don’t like it”
goddaughter: “next time you want to cut your hair you need to ask me first”
me: “Oh, so you get to decide when I cut my hair now?”
goddaughter: “yeah, If I like it you shouldn’t cut it.

At the end of the week I traveled to my goddaughter for a short visit slash weekend long babysitting session. During the visit she ended up rubbing my head, enjoying the feeling of freshly shaved short hair.

goddaughter: “your hair feels nice”
me: “Oh, so now you like me shaving my hair?”
goddaughter: “yeah I like playing with it”
me: “so am I allowed to shave my hair again in the future now”
goddaughter: “okay”

I guess I’ve been saved from having to beg my 6 year old’s permission every time I want to shave my hair.

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