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I’ve worked at my job for about six months in the kitchen. I’ve been practically begging for some training up front so I can jump in anywhere I’m needed and only recently started working the headset (taking orders) making drinks, running orders, expo (packing the food) all while still working in the kitchen to make the food. I was sharing a headset with the manager however, she passed hers off to another girl. As I’ve been so busy doing everything else I haven’t been taking orders and apparently the other girl didn’t notice we were sharing the headset.
Coworker “welcome to (job) in (location), can you hold on for one moment?”
Customer “uh sure.”
A few minutes later coworker “I’m so sorry about that wait. What can I get started for you?”
Customer *starts ordering*
Coworker “ok that was a number one with mayo, tots and drink? *To herself but on the headset* crap where’s the button? Anything else for you today?”
They finish up and I take care of the next customer.
Coworker to me “hey did you know we’re on the same headset?”
Me “huh? Oh ya cause I was sharing with (manager) oh speaking of, you might not want to say the word “crap” to a customer.”
Her “what?! I didn’t say it to a customer.”
Me “yup. You did. I guess you didn’t turn the headset off cause I heard it on here. Hey I won’t tell, sh!t happens right? Just, you know, future reference.”
She’s somewhat new to the front too plus we were insanely busy so it was understandable. Customer didn’t complain and the manager doesn’t need to know.

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