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(I have just moved into town and have been trying to get some furniture for my new place through online ads. I have emailed a few people about tables and couches, and later that day my phone rings with an unfamiliar number.)

Me: “Hello?”

Caller: “Is this [name one letter different from mine]?”

Me: *assuming they’d misread my email* “[My name], yes, speaking.”

Caller: “Okay, well, wanna hang out?”

Me: “… sorry, who is this?”

Caller: “Is this [name one letter different]?”

Me: “No, it’s [my name].”

Caller: “But this is [my number]?”

Me: “Yes…”

Caller: “That’s his number!”

Me: “Um, well, it’s my number now…”

(I thought it was kind of funny that the person who had my number before me had almost the same name as me. It got decidedly less funny when I was STILL fielding calls and texts for this person six months later, costing me money every single time.)

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